what is endurapanel?

Endurapanel is a decorative wall panel that’s half the price and a third of the weight of back-coloured glass. It’s extremely durable and malleable so can be utilised almost any design situation, domestically or commercially.

By using the most up-to-date manufacturing systems, Endurapanel provides superior durability to existing products in the marketplace. This can be seen in the specialised coating which enhances the polymer panel’s adhesive and scratch-protection properties. In extreme situations where a scratch may result, these can be easily polished out.

In addition, the panels are multi-functional so many shapes, forms, curves and custom-designs can be achieved. Design your own cabinet doors, wall features, bathroom and laundry splashbacks or virtually any other vertical surface. Those already familiar with decorative panels will be impressed by Endurapanel’s unique ability to create custom colours, and therefore a truly eye-catching feature.

Installation of your custom designs won’t be a problem, either. Your builder or joiner will be able to install the multi-functional panels with ease – no waiting, no costly glaziers or specialised tradespeople.

Be assured of your product choice with a ten year UV guarantee. You’ll be pleased to know your choice of product is considerate of the environment, too. Not only is it made in New Zealand, but only ten percent of the energy required to make glass is used in the manufacture of Endurapanel.

points to note

  • Second generation product with enhanced durability
  • Enduring and tough polymer panel
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Half the price of coloured glass
  • High level of scratch protection
  • Customised colours available or choose off the shelf from our popular base colours
  • Its production uses only 10% of the energy used in glass manufacture
  • Ten year UV warranty on the coating
  • Multi-functional providing endless design opportunities
  • Practical solution for wet areas and outdoors
  • Lightweight
  • Save time and money as no specialised technicians are required for installation
  • High heat resistance
Sheet Sizes:   Thickness Available:
1000 x 2000 4mm & 6mm
1220 x 2440 4mm & 6mm
1025 x 3050 6mm

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