General Installation Using EnduraPanel Jointing Systems

EnduraPanel jointing systems are designed for use in dry and wet areas and should be used on fully lined walls e.g. plasterboard, fibre-cement board or masonry walls.

The principle is to use internal corners as a fixed starting point. The first sheet is inserted into the internal corner and adhered to the wall. The next jointer is then installed over the trailing edge of the first sheet. The next sheet’s leading edge is then installed into the trailing slot of the extrusion and so on.

Each jointer may be either fixed to the wall or left ‘floating’.

In a full room fit-out, at the point where the last panel meets the first installed jointer extrusion, EnduraPanel will need to be installed into two extrusions simultaneously. This requires planning ahead to avoid terminating with two internal corners. Try to plan the installation sequence to terminate with an external corner as this is by far the easiest choice.

Click here to download detailed general installation procedures for the EnduraPanel jointing systems.


download Download our General Installation Procedures for EnduraPanel Jointing Systems