Temporary Fixing to Dry Areas


  • Apply full-length strips of Velcro tape around perimeter of EnduraPanel, staying approximately 25mm from the edge to allow for insertion into EnduraPanel joiners
  • Apply a full-length strip of Velcro tape through the centre of EnduraPanel
  • Apply mating tape onto the back of EnduraPanel
  • Remove paper from Velcro tape to expose the adhesive surface and install EnduraPanel onto the surface
  • If installing into EnduraPanel joining systems, insert into extrusion first
  • Roll EnduraPanel onto the wall, starting with one edge and smoothing the panel out in direction of installation NOTES
  • This method of installation is intended for temporary installation of EnduraPanel, or for removable panels into dry areas only, and is not a long-term substitute for adhesion
  • Methods may vary between different velcro or ‘hook and loop’ tape products. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.