Finishing Edging

If the EnduraPanel edge is to be left exposed, it can be easily finished to a polished, glass-like quality. A good finish left from the machining process will take considerably less time to finish.

Always peel back the protective film 25mm from the edge while polishing. Remove any sanding dust between grades and polishing compounds immediately.


  1. Use a 400-grit paper to remove any cutter marks from the machined edge and then progress to a 600-grit.
  2. Chamfer any burrs or swarfe from the corners.
  3. Using a soft, clean cloth and a suitable polishing compound such as Brasso, hand rub the edge to a polished finish.


A well-machined edge can be flame polished using a hydrogen/ oxygen mix. Contact an acrylic fabricator for this service. An experienced operator can leave an excellent finish.

Drill each hole with a 65mm hole saw.