Deeper Scratches

3M has developed a complete restoration system for EnduraPanel.

Repair Principles:

The principle involved in repairing and polishing surfaces is to progressively use finer and finer abrasives to flatten the previous step’s scratches. Initially using the least abrasive disc to remove the scratch or scuff will minimise the number of steps to finish the job. Using a coarse abrasive to start with will mean extra work to finish and also may remove too much acrylic material causing a distorted, uneven surface.


The degree of damage to the acrylic sheet will dictate what grit size is used for initial removal of the scratch or scuff marks. The deeper the scratch the more aggressive or lower number grit size abrasive is required.

1. Set up dust extractor unit and attach DA sander

2. Attach back up pad and interface pad on DA sander

3. Inspect the damage to the acrylic panel

4. Depending on the depth of scratch, select abrasive disc and attach to interface pad.