Fixing of Cold Bend Panels

Construction Adhesive & Tape


  • Apply full-length strips of double-sided tape along outside edge perimeter of EnduraPanel, staying approximately 25mm from the edge to allow for insertion into EnduraPanel joiners if required 
  • Apply full-length beads of adhesive at 300mm centres in a grid pattern, keeping at least 25mm from double-sided tape and from the edges of EnduraPanel. 
  • If installing into EnduraPanel joining systems, insert into extrusion first
  • Roll EnduraPanel onto the curved surface starting at one end and smoothing the panel out in the direction of installation 
  • There is no need to apply excessive pressure – a firm hand is enough to spread out adhesive 
  • Clean up any adhesive that spills out the sides of the EnduraPanel NOTES 
  • Great care must be exercised using double-sided tape as once stuck, it is virtually impossible to remove or re-use 
  • Methods may vary between different adhesive products, always follow manufacturer’s instructions