Where is Endurapanel made?
Endurapanel is made right here in New Zealand.

How does the price of Endurapanel compare to that of painted glass?
Endurapanel is approximately half the price of painted glass. Further cost savings are achieved through the product being readily available and its ability to be installed by your on-site builder or joiner.

How is Endurapanel’s enhanced durability achieved?
Endurapanel is manufactured with a propriety grade acrylic copolymer using the latest technologies, making it the most advanced product of its type in the market place.

What colours are available?
We have a base of ten popular colours but the panels can be customised into any shade you prefer, be it to suit your home decor or your corporate colours. There is a minimum order with custom colours. 

What are Endurapanel’s heat resistant properties?
Endurapanel can sustain heats of up to 100 deg Celsius. For this reason it is not suitable for use behind hobs as a splashback, though it has many other uses in kitchen areas.

Can Endurapanel be used outside?
Yes, in protected outdoor areas. Though, we do not recommend use of the product in areas exposed to extreme weather conditions. Edurapanel’s coating has a ten year UV warranty.

What can I do if, under extreme circumstances, a panel is scratched?
Surface scratches can be polished out with a micro polish. If deeper scratches do occur ask your local representative for advice on repair.

Will abrasives scratch the panels?
Yes, if applied too vigorously. If you do accidently scratch the panel, use a micro-polish to restore to its original condition.

Can Endurapanel be used as a whiteboard?
Yes, though normal conditions apply, such as using the correct pen and using the eraser frequently. If any ink does linger, methylated spirits will remove it.

Can the panels be backlit?
In some situations the panels can be backlit to great effect. Ask your Endurapanel representative for advice before purchase.

How is Endurapanel environmentally friendly?
Endurapanel uses far less energy to produce than coloured glass and is recyclable under plastic number seven. It is manufactured in New Zealand which reduces its impact on transportation and fuel emissions.

Are there any cleaning products I should avoid?
Yes. Avoid harsh chemicals such as aceone, ethyl acetate, amyl alcohol, amyl acetate, benzene/toluene/xylene, butyl alcohol, cellusolve, chloroform, cresios/phenols, chlorinated solvents/halogenated solvents, methyl alcohol, sulphuric acid/dilute acids, MEK methyl ethyl ketone (PVC pipe glue).

Do I need specialised knowledge to install Endurapanel?
No. It is lightweight and extremely workable so it can be cut and shaped onsite by your joiner or builder without use of specialised tools. Ask after our cutting guide.

Do I need a special adhesive?
No. Neutral glazing silicon is all that is required. Other adhesives can damage the product. Ask for our technical guide for more information.

Where can I find Endurapanel?
Endurapanel is distributed by AquaKnight Industries Ltd in New Zealand and is available off the shelf from our Auckland warehouse. From here it is couriered all over the country for immediate use.

What sizes are available?
Endurapanel comes in 4mm and 6mm thicknesses. 4mm suits smaller applications such as cabinetry and inserts while the 6mm is more suitable for larger applications.

What warranty does Endurapanel come with?
Endurapanel has a ten year UV warranty on its coating.