Endurapanel Panel Dos and Don'ts


  • Consider the impact of colour choice at design stage. Environments with harsh lighting will benefit from lighter colours in general. 
  • Transport large quantities of panels flat and protected from movement and scratches. EnduraPanel is couriered nationwide in smaller quantities as two-panel packs, carefully wrapped in tough corrugated cardboard. 
  • Measure your room and plan the panel/joint layout before beginning. 
  • Check the substrate is clean, sound, dust free and finished to level-3 minimum. 
  • Test your method of cutting EnduraPanel to ensure a good clean cut, free of chipping. 
  • Follow adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Use continuous beads of silicon sealant in all jointers, and behind all bulkhead fittings/ fascia plates when installing into a wet area. 
  • Repair any minor surface damage promptly and in the manor described herein. 
  • Clean EnduraPanel with mild detergent and warm water regularly to keep EnduraPanel looking as new. 


  • Store panels on end (upright). 
  • Store panels in areas likely to be damaged. 
  • Store panels outside or in areas that may get wet. 
  • Install in saunas or in steam rooms. 
  • Install onto loose, damp or dusty substrates. 
  • Force panels into EnduraPanel jointers beyond the engineered expansion lip. 
  • Attempt to nail EnduraPanel – it will split. 
  • Use EnduraPanel end caps on the bottom of panel when installed in a wet area. 
  • Use big globs of silicon to pack out uneven surfaces. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Use a bare finger to tool off excess silicon as this introduces bacteria that can cause mould. 
  • Use abrasive cleaners such as Jif, or abrasive cleaning pads such as steel wool to clean EnduraPanel.