Circular Saw

With quality equipment, an excellent edge finish can be achieved with EnduraPanel. The main factors in achieving the best possible outcome with a circular saw are: 

  • Panel rigidity. Clamp the sheet on both sides of the cut.
  • Saw stability. Always use a good quality fence or guide to improve saw stability and straight-line cutting
  • Saw bearing quality. The price of a circular saw can be a good indication of the quality of the bearings used inside. Cheaper saws often use bushes that offer little to limit the blade’s sideways float, and will begin to wear quickly. This will have a dramatic impact on cut quality
  • Blade selection. Always use a blade with the correct cutting geometry. Aluminium blades generally work well with EnduraPanel.



Circular Blades for EnduraPanel EnduraPanel is best cut using fine-tooth circular blades with either a ‘hollow ground’ geometry or a ‘triple chip’ blade with the following geometry and conditions:

Geometry and Conditions:  
Blade Diameter 255 - 305mm
Number of Teeth 80 - 100
Tooth Thickness 3 - 3.5mm
Clearance Angle 15 - 20 degrees
Cutting Angle (Rake) -5 degrees
Angle of Setting Band 2 - 3 degrees
Blade Speed 3000 - 5000 rpm
Surface Speed 3000 - 4000 m/min